Monte News and Classic Updates - February 2021

Monte News and Classic Updates  - January 2021


Published on 14 January 2021

Following the enhancement of sanitary measures on the whole of the French territory, including the extension of the curfew to all departments on its route, as well as potential difficulties linked to the closing of accommodation infrastructures, the Organizing Committee has decided to cancel the 24th edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique and the 5th edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo Classique.

« We have special thoughts tonight for all our friends, be them competitors, marshals, volunteers, partners or elected persons, who are impacted by this cancellation »says Christian Tornatore, the General Commissioner of Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM). «However, we really had no other choice available », he added, « since the current situation does not allow to organize this regularity competition in its usual friendly and festive spirit. Since the DNA of the race is not guaranteed any more, it would be unreasonable to organize it without answering the usual expectations of the competitors … »

The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) sincerely regrets this decision which slowly became inevitable, despite all our efforts and the efforts of our partners, due to current sanitary rules.

Monaco, January 14, 2021


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Col de Ruisg 12 January 2019

This event is open to all motorsport and car enthusiasts.  The event is designed to allow crews to practice navigational skills and to provide an opportunity for the driver and navigator to work together as a team.  The even will be particularly useful to those who have entered the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique or Classique. This is the first event run by ERDC – Ecosse Rallye Drivers Club.  The event will take the form of an evening Winter Tour and will use some of the excellent roads through Argyll and the Arrochar Alps. The team look forward to meeting old friends and newcomers alike.

Access the Regulations and Entry Form hear. The entry fee for the event is £25, which will include a rally plate, competition numbers, other necessary documents. Refreshments will be served after the event.

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From left to right Melissa Mathieu, Christian Allgeyer, Gerry Mestre, June Anderson, Patricia Beasley, Douglas Anderson.

News from Monaco

I had a very good meeting with the Automobile Club de Monaco last week and there are some very interesting and exciting new developments for the 2018 Monte.  In particular ACM wish to develop the Classique and encourage new entries.  They are also keen to develop the route through the UK to make the event more interesting for the competitors and raise the profile of the Monte in the UK.  All the indications are looking very good for the 2018 Monte.

To date we have had a high level of interest for next year with some interesting cars.  Once more the organising committee hope to be able to provide one night free accommodation in the UK for competitors.  The 2018 route through France will be different from 2017.  After leaving Calais the competitors will drive straight to Valence rather than continuing on to Monte Carlo.  This will make it a shorter distance on that section of the Rallye.  The regulations and draft itinerary for the Rallye will be published by ACM in July. 

For 2018 there has been a change in the cut-off date for eligible cars.  The cut-off date will be 1969.  This opens up a lot more possibilities for suitable cars.  The route will be the same as the Historique to Valence, where Classique entrants will have an overnight stop with accommodation and buffet included in the entry fee.  After Valence they will follow a traditional Monte route which will incorporate many of the traditional 'cols' including the iconic Col de Turini, before they arrive in Monaco.  Entrants will be given cards which can be stamped by the officials at the time/passage controls, but there will be no time penalties and visiting these controls will remain optional.  To finish the event off, overnight accommodation and a finish buffet will also be provided in Monte Carlo.  I am sure you will agree that at the same cost as in the previous two years, 1500 euro, this is great value for money, with one night accommodation in the UK, two nights accommodation in France, two buffets and the usual goodies.

In the previous Monte News Flash we announced that there would be a new Heritage Run in 2018.  It may come as a surprise to many of you that Aberdeen was a Start Town for the Monte Carlo Rally before the second world war.  In recognition of this, we will have a Heritage Run from Aberdeen to Paisley Abbey, starting on the morning of the Monte Start.  The route will take in the Cairn O' Mount and other traditional rally roads.  This will give our friends from the north-east the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a Monte Start.  There will of course be the traditional Heritage Run to Dumfries along with at least one, possibly two more runs which will be announced at a later stage.

Douglas Anderson Co-ordinator Start and UK Leg, Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and Classique.





31January/ 1 February - day 7 into day 8  & 14 ZRs (average speed tests)

Eight of the nine Historique starters from Paisley Abbey completed all 14 test stages (ZRs) congratulation to all for completing the task and in particular to Ranald White & Karsten Brown who crewed car 296 a 1964 Rover 2000 TC finishing as the best placed UK starters.

:- below is a summary of how all the crews were placed overall :-

Opel Kadett GTE
 222  218  218 227  224 
Ford Escort RS 2000
 273  269  268 266  263 
Fiat 124 Coupe
 229 229   227  215 210
Fiat 127 Abarth
 243  240 236  239  228
Volvo 122S
 268 266  263  261 258 
Austin Mini Cooper
 236 233  230   235 230
Austin 1800
 278  277 274  276 DNF
 252  249  247 243 231
Rover 2000 TC







30January - End of day 6 & 9 ZRs (average speed tests)

                  Car                   Position After
Opel Kadett GTE
 245  241  235  229
Ford Escort RS 2000
 288  287  280  273
Fiat 124 Coupe
 251  246  240  236
Fiat 127 Abarth
 258  257  254  246
Volvo 122S
 281  278  273  268
Austin Mini Cooper
 241  237  234  234
Austin 1800
 290  284  282  281
 268  264  261  254
Rover 2000 TC






29 January - End of day 5 & 5 ZRs (average speed tests) 


Position After

Opel Kadett GTE
189 174 149 185 259
Ford Escort RS 2000
268 267 259 282 286
Fiat 124 Coupe
245 298 263 259 256
Fiat 127 Abarth
284 268 234 271 262
Volvo 122S
311 305 265 284 280
Austin Mini Cooper


197 219 256 253
Austin 1800
261 238 261 289 287
253 256 228 254 249
Rover 2000 TC







2017 -  Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and Classique and support vehicles

Number Driver Co-pilot Car Year
00 C McGibbon H McGibbon Volvo 122S 1965
0 D Anderson  J Anderson  MG Midget  
55 G Glen D Glen Opel Kadett GTE  1978
114 D Glen A Sturgess Ford Escort RS 2000  1978
137 J Roberts O Tomlins Fiat 124 Coupe  1972
188 D Power A Atwal Fiat 127  1973
222 A Thomlinson J Wilson Volvo 122S  1969
224 P Haley M Hyrons Austin Mini Cooper S  1966
225 S Hutton F Bent Austin 1800  1965
231 D Pengilly M Denham MGB  1966
296 R White  K Brown  Rover 2000 SC  1964
400 G Best D Hendrie Rover 100 P4  1960
401 A Goodfellow D Coghill Austin 7 Ulster  
404 C Dawson M Barlow Sunbeam Stiletto  
405 I Glass N Ward Ford 103E  
407 F Lamotte R Lamotte Austin A35  
408 W Murray S Farquhar Ford Cortina Mk I  
409 M Hanson P Lequeux MG YB  
2021 J Meggatt N Breach Chrysler Sunbeam  1978


Monte Update - 5 December 2016

Our latest Monte get together on Friday 2 December at Glasgow Art Club was a great success and much appreciated. In particular Craig’s ‘teach in’ for Monte newcomers was very informative. Thanks to Craig, Jonathan Lord, Ian and Catherine Higgins, Brian Telfer and of course Glasgow Art Club for making it all possible.
The next pre-Monte event is the Col de Ruisg where you will have the opportunity to brush up your skills and try out your car. More information below.

Col de Ruisg 14 January 2016

The Col de Ruisg will take the form of a Monte-style event over some 50 miles without the competitive element. Using similar mountain roads, you will be able to test your navigation and map plotting skills and practice teamwork between the navigator and driver. The event is open to anyone who would like to do it – whether you have entered the Monte or not.
Access the Rrgulations R and Entry Form E hear. The cost of £15 covers the MSA permit and administration costs of the event, including a rally plate, numbers and necessary documents. If there is a demand, High Tea can be arranged before the event at the ‘signing on’ venue. Please let the secretary of the event, Craig McGibbon know. Craig’s email address is

Passage Control Barnby Moor

Great news, we have managed to negotiate our night halt at the Olde Bell Inn, Barnby Moor, so instead of staying at Wetherby Services we can go straight to the Passage Control and stay overnight. This should make life much easier for everybody and it is a very comfortable 4 star hotel.


20 October 2016 - Press Launch in Paisley





Paisley Abbey is the magnificent backdrop for the Start of the 2017 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and the Rallye Monte Carlo Classique. The cars will leave the Start Ramp from 6.00pm on 25 January 2017. There promises to be a stunning display of classic rally cars as well as entertainment and street food organised by our friends at Renfrewshire Council. The Paisley Abbey Start will once more be the most spectacular of all the Rallye Starts with lights, music, fireworks and a crowd of 10,000 cheering each and every car off the ramp and on their way. This is an event not to be missed.


Regulations & Entry Forms for the 2017 Heritage Runs are now available on Heritage Page of this WEB site.



Caithness to the Côte D’Azur

When the Monte Carlo Rally started from John O’Groats
David Whyte

Many excellent books have been written about the Monte Carlo Rally but despite the fact that the first British winner started the rally from Caithness in 1926, the Scottish connection during the pre war years has been largely overlooked. This may be due to the lack of an overall winner from among the John O’Groats starters in subsequent years because of the complex scoring system which made it virtually impossible for them to achieve outright victory. However it was still a considerable feat to complete the non-stop journey from the north of Scotland to the south of France in the depth of winter.
The cars were not the specialised racing machines of today - most were identical to the models which customers could buy from the showroom. Many instances of resilience and achievement were shown by more than 200 competitors who started from Caithness in the years up until 1939. Those men and women who took up the challenge of the ‘Monte’ have ensured that John O’Groats has a special place in the history of the most famous rally in the world.
This book is a tribute to the skill and determination of the drivers and brings the story up to date with the return of the Monte Carlo Classique event to John O’Groats in 2016.

Copies of David Whyte’s book can be obtained from SpeedReading Books at £9.99 plus postage and packaging.